Monday, December 28, 2015

He is the One

The wrappings are gone.
The boxes played with.
The toys are scattered.
The children content.

I sit in my chair.
What did it mean?
Is that all there is?
Now that it’s clean.

Something is missing.
My heart – it aches.
What is wrong with me?
Is it all fake?

The carols I sang.
Was it by rote?
The Father above.
Did He hear each note?

The Christ child - He came.
Did I forget?
To honor His birth.
To worship His breath.

I sit in quiet.
I ponder His birth.
Why did He come?
To this sin-filled earth.

The love of His Father.
Bid Him to come.
To save my soul.
He is the One!

In Christ,

This poem was previously on SnapShots: Devotions from Life


  1. Thank you, Berta, for your God-inspired words!!
    They are both comforting and challenging!!
    May God continue to use you for His glory!!!
    Many blessings to you and your family in 2016!!

  2. Thank you and may God fill your days with joy.

    In Christ,